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Progress Update

So its nearly the middle of March, what’s going on I hear you cry?

Finding time to work on Jack is always an issue when I have my own business to run too.  Nevertheless, progress is moving clearly in the right direction and I would say that I am now 70% done with moving Jack across to MUI.

Its a complex beast when you have to go through 30+ windows re-factoring code and learning the principals of MUI from scratch.

I’ll probably post my screenshots on to the end of this post in the morning or later this week to showcase new stuff.

So what’s to do?  The biggest component left to do is the App-Store.

What’s done already:

  • Logging in
  • Creating an account
  • Account Administration, password reminders etc…
  • Featured Software Tab
  • Recent Tab

What’s still to do:

  • The Store Tab
  • The Downloads Tab
  • Download Options, e.g. View Documentation, Share to Facebook/Twitter

Other stuff outstanding:

  • Problems with browsing drawers in Slideshow Mode
  • Search Window, been concentrating on this over the last couple of days, its 99% complete
  • Image Editor, the aspect lock isn’t working as expected and I am not happy with the processing window yet
  • File Manager, minor issues with deleting selected files
  • Final testing and optimisations
  • I also want to re-design the main Calendar window at some point
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