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Jack 4.7 now available

November 10, 2014 Leave a comment


I’ve been neglectful in the last few months in regard to updating this website with new information about Jack – but today I’d like to change that by announcing the release of version 4.7 on

This is a rather minor update which fixes a couple of things that have been drawn to my attention recently – it also includes the latest version of MUI Royale which was (very) importantly missing from the 4.6 update.


The changelog can be read here.

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Jack 4.1 available now

November 28, 2013 Leave a comment


Let’s begin with the good news, a new version of Jack has been released today on OSdepot which fixes a small number of important issues all mentioned in the Change Log. This version also allows registered AppStore users to add their own reviews and comments on all software in the store and of course read those of other users.
Now to the bad news, still waiting for Andreas to release an update to the fatal crash which appeared in Hollywood thanks to the recent Kernel Update. All I can tell you at this stage is that the Hollywood function DownloadFile() is the cause of the DSI and that Andreas is working hard to try and fix the problem which affects all Hollywood applications that utilise this function

As always please feel free to leave comments on my website, bug reports over on the bug area at OS4Depot.

And finally do enjoy the new version.

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Kernel Update

October 22, 2013 Leave a comment

The recent update of the AmigaOS Kernel has resulted in some Hollywood applications becoming unstable.

The issue has already been reported to the developer of Hollywood, although it is not exactly known at this stage what it is that is causing the “DSIs” to appear.

Hopefully a patch will be out sooner rather than later.

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Jack is now AmiUpdate ready

Jack 4.0.6 is now AmiUpdate ready, all future updates will be delivered via this platform.

There’s more in this update too, mostly bug fixes, you can read the changelog in full here.

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Jack 4.0.3 now available

June 18, 2013 2 comments

Since I last blogged here I’ve given Jack three small updates, you can find out what’s new by clicking here.

The most noteworthy addition since version 4.0 is the inclusion of a VAT Calculator and new buttons for controlling the master volume level of your soundcard, courtesy in part to Mixer.

I’d also like to add that you can read all about Jack inside Issue 103 of Amiga Future magazine which is available from a number of outlets including and via APC-TCP direct.

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Jack 4.0 (MUI) now available

May 17, 2013 6 comments

At long last the wait is over, I am pleased to announce the release of Jack 4.0.

Jack is a multi-purpose commodity for AmigaOS, AROS and MorphOS.

The AmigaOS version can be downloaded from, versions for AROS and MorphOS will appear in the next few days.

If your eager to download straightaway please remember to check the ‘Upload’ queue on OS4Depot first.

Jack 4.0 has been completely written from the ground-up, bye-bye to the custom interface, Jack now fully embraces MUI.

Main Features:

  • Comprehensive AmigaOS App-Store piggy-backing onto the already brilliant Includes integrated Arexx Support for developers
  • Donate easily to your favourite AmigaOS third-party developers
  • Quick access to AmigaOS Preferences
  • Screen snapshoter
  • AmigaOS Knowledge Base
  • Image Editor, includes Batch-image processing
  • Speedy access to all your connected devices
  • Support for Push4Dock – quick access to your Documents, Images, Music and more…
  • Quick Access to WordNet – Thesaurus
  • Basic file-management, Make New Drawer, Delete, Rename and Add Comment
  • Open your files in Helper Applications
  • Integrated Weather Forecast for any location in the world
  • In-built file-search
  • Currency-Converter
  • Quick Filer access, opens two instances in one simple click
  • Access Popular Amiga websites quickly and easily from the Dashboard

Be sure to read the known bugs and limitations mentioned in the documentation.

Jack 4.0 fully takes advantage of MUI Royale 1.0, however a few limtiations have been identified in the documentation and Andreas of Hollywood fame is working hard to resolve them. When this is complete I can in turn update Jack itself.

I hope you enjoy the new release of Jack.

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New Screenshots

Hello readers,

I have a couple of new screenshots to wet your appetite.  Started what you see only yesterday (Sunday 21st 2013) and its all functioning and progressing nicely.  Let me know what you think!

Hope you like!

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