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Jack is now AmiUpdate ready

Jack 4.0.6 is now AmiUpdate ready, all future updates will be delivered via this platform.

There’s more in this update too, mostly bug fixes, you can read the changelog in full here.

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Jack 4.0.3 now available

June 18, 2013 2 comments

Since I last blogged here I’ve given Jack three small updates, you can find out what’s new by clicking here.

The most noteworthy addition since version 4.0 is the inclusion of a VAT Calculator and new buttons for controlling the master volume level of your soundcard, courtesy in part to Mixer.

I’d also like to add that you can read all about Jack inside Issue 103 of Amiga Future magazine which is available from a number of outlets including and via APC-TCP direct.

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Jack 4.0 (MUI) now available

May 17, 2013 6 comments

At long last the wait is over, I am pleased to announce the release of Jack 4.0.

Jack is a multi-purpose commodity for AmigaOS, AROS and MorphOS.

The AmigaOS version can be downloaded from, versions for AROS and MorphOS will appear in the next few days.

If your eager to download straightaway please remember to check the ‘Upload’ queue on OS4Depot first.

Jack 4.0 has been completely written from the ground-up, bye-bye to the custom interface, Jack now fully embraces MUI.

Main Features:

  • Comprehensive AmigaOS App-Store piggy-backing onto the already brilliant Includes integrated Arexx Support for developers
  • Donate easily to your favourite AmigaOS third-party developers
  • Quick access to AmigaOS Preferences
  • Screen snapshoter
  • AmigaOS Knowledge Base
  • Image Editor, includes Batch-image processing
  • Speedy access to all your connected devices
  • Support for Push4Dock – quick access to your Documents, Images, Music and more…
  • Quick Access to WordNet – Thesaurus
  • Basic file-management, Make New Drawer, Delete, Rename and Add Comment
  • Open your files in Helper Applications
  • Integrated Weather Forecast for any location in the world
  • In-built file-search
  • Currency-Converter
  • Quick Filer access, opens two instances in one simple click
  • Access Popular Amiga websites quickly and easily from the Dashboard

Be sure to read the known bugs and limitations mentioned in the documentation.

Jack 4.0 fully takes advantage of MUI Royale 1.0, however a few limtiations have been identified in the documentation and Andreas of Hollywood fame is working hard to resolve them. When this is complete I can in turn update Jack itself.

I hope you enjoy the new release of Jack.

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New Screenshots

Hello readers,

I have a couple of new screenshots to wet your appetite.  Started what you see only yesterday (Sunday 21st 2013) and its all functioning and progressing nicely.  Let me know what you think!

Hope you like!

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Progress Update

So its nearly the middle of March, what’s going on I hear you cry?

Finding time to work on Jack is always an issue when I have my own business to run too.  Nevertheless, progress is moving clearly in the right direction and I would say that I am now 70% done with moving Jack across to MUI.

Its a complex beast when you have to go through 30+ windows re-factoring code and learning the principals of MUI from scratch.

I’ll probably post my screenshots on to the end of this post in the morning or later this week to showcase new stuff.

So what’s to do?  The biggest component left to do is the App-Store.

What’s done already:

  • Logging in
  • Creating an account
  • Account Administration, password reminders etc…
  • Featured Software Tab
  • Recent Tab

What’s still to do:

  • The Store Tab
  • The Downloads Tab
  • Download Options, e.g. View Documentation, Share to Facebook/Twitter

Other stuff outstanding:

  • Problems with browsing drawers in Slideshow Mode
  • Search Window, been concentrating on this over the last couple of days, its 99% complete
  • Image Editor, the aspect lock isn’t working as expected and I am not happy with the processing window yet
  • File Manager, minor issues with deleting selected files
  • Final testing and optimisations
  • I also want to re-design the main Calendar window at some point
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New Screenshots

February 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello readers,

So the weekend is nearly upon is again, I am working late in the office again tonight in the race to release something substantial by the end of February.  However, its looking likely that nothing will be released until early March.  In the meantime I wanted to keep in touch with users as to what’s going on exactly, so here I present some screenshots for your entertainment!

Jack GIF

February 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello readers,

Before Christmas and the release of MUI Royale for Hollywood I began working on a little GIF Maker for AmigaOS.  As you can imagine since the release of MUI Royale this little application has taken somewhat of a backseat.

The application’s main purpose is to create those animated banners you see all over the internet with nice fades between still images.  The start window itself is based around Google’s own banner sizes, i.e you get to pick between Skyscrapper, Square etc…

Overtime I may add other transitions, making the most of those provided in Hollywood, but for a first release a simple fading transition will more than suffice.

I’ve already converted the interface itself to be using MUI Royale 100% – it was a nice little way to get to grips with learning the XML way of building Menus and Windows ready for integrating MUI into Jack.

Progress will most likely re-start in March when Jack MUI-Style will hopefully be complete.

Have you downloaded JackCharts for AmigaOS yet?

Click here to discover JackCharts

Jack MUI-Style

February 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello readers,

Just a quick one from me today.  Jack is rapidly undergoing big changes thanks to Andreas’ release of MUI-Royale for Hollywood at the beginning of 2013.

All windows (aside from the Commodity Window because its transparent and MUI cannot handle it (!)) are being converted into standard MUI windows.  Once this is complete Jack will be a hell of a lot quicker in most departments… hooray I hear you cry!

Having Jack use MUI instead of my very own kludgy-custom-toolkit will be a big weight off my shoulders (and my code!) and allow for quicker updates and enhancements over time.

MUI Royale is proving to be a great asset, complimenting Hollywood greatly.  It allows developers to create simple (or not simple) Applications much more efficiently.

I will post more screenshots and a video at a later date – as my very little spare time is best spent on actual development 🙂

A very early alpha version of the new File Manager window in Jack.  It has already come along a lot further than this - aka the actual buttons do something now!

A very early alpha version of the new File Manager window in Jack. It has already come along a lot further than this – aka the actual buttons do something now!

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Jack 3.2.5 Released for all (Amiga-like) Platforms

September 27, 2012 Leave a comment

The latest version of Jack is now available it fixes numerous issues for AmigaOS and even more for the other operating systems in which it supports.

AmigaOS –

Classic (now available with or without FPU) –

MorphOS Beta – (Debug mode enabled – I need someone to test it!)

WarpOS –


  • AmigaOS 4.1 Update 5’s introduction of asynchronously loading the TCP/IP at Workbench startup exposed a new bug in Jack. The DELAY tooltype was previously being ignored, this has now been fixed. If you still see an error message if starting Jack this way simply increase the value of the DELAY tooltype. Value is no. of seconds.
  • Python ITC Extractor has been updated to version 0.3.2 which adds support for Apple’s use of ARGB images in album cover artwork. Thanks to Simon Kennedy.
  • Moved php scripts to another server, older versions of Jack will continue to run for a limited time only.

This update brings everyone up to the same base-line so more fixes/enhancements apply to other releases in addition to the above list.

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Jack 3.2.4 now available

September 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Jack 3.2.4 is now available over on OS4Depot.

As this is a small update, versions for other operating systems are not yet available.


  • Local playback functionality (of an iTunes Library) in JackTunes is now working, however, there are a still a number of known bugs and features yet to be implemented. Please feel free to have a play around.
  • Improved AmigaOS Version detection (Community Stats/Get Info)
  • AmigaOne 500 is now identified under CPU detection (Community Stats/Get Info)
  • Improved identication of SAM 440 EP and Pegasos
  • Colour Commodity changes caused Jack problems with running from the command line, now fixed.
  • JackTunes: Notification messages are now sent to Ringhio as a new song starts – but only when music interface is closed.
  • JackTunes: Returning into the interface will always show the correct Artist and Title for the currently selected track.
  • JackTunes: Configuration window will now dismiss on selecting Later/Cancel.
  • JackTunes: Mini Window now includes Title and Artist text.
  • AppStore: Small advert area with links to my company Lake Marketing and Events ( )
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