Keyboard Shortcuts


ESCape – Cancel Operation

Calendar Window
W – Toggle between Weather and Calendar
J – Open Help / Go to this Website
Q – Quit Jack (AROS Only)
AMIGA+Q – Quit Jack

File Manager

p – Parent
n – Make New Drawer
r – Rename
d – Delete
c – Add Comment
a – Select All (multi-file select mode only)
z – Select None (multi-file select mode only)
x – Send selected files/drawers to archive
v – If directory contains any images, switch to Slideshow mode
e – Open certain files in helper application
i – Brings up information on selected files/drawers
o – Operates the Open/Save button (available in Jack commad line mode only)
F5 – Refresh directory

CTRL+Click a Drawer – Open on Workbench / View by Icon
CTRL+SHIFT+Click a Drawer – Open on Workbench / View by Name

Image Editor

l – Rotate Image left / 90deg anti-clockwise
r – Rotate Image right / 90deg clockwise
s – Open image save options
u – Revert Image
h – Flip image horizontally
v – Flip image vertically
t – Tint Colour
y – Change tint value

Image Saving

b – Select to Save as BMP
g – Select to Save as GIF
i – Select to Save as IFF
j – Select to Save as JPEG
p – Select to Save as PNG
s – Save image(s)
a – Save image or a batch of images under a new name/prefix. In batch-image
mode you also enter the start incremental value of the batch.
m – Add comment to the image(s)
r – Opens the Image Resize window
z – Toggle re-size on and off

Image Resize Window

UP / DOWN arrows on keyboard to scroll through default resize options

w – Set width
h – Set height
k – Toggle Key Aspect Ratio
u – Use settings

Image Editor – Watermark

w – Select a Custom Watermark

URL Opener

n -If installed, open the URL in NetSurf
w – If installed, open the URL in OWB
t – If installed, open the URL in Timberwolf (option currently disabled til TW gets a command line)
d – Download the given URL to the current directory
u – Use the currently selected option

Slideshow Mode

p/backspace – Go to parent directory
e – Open selected image in editor
Arrows keys to move around, HOME and END to jump to the beginning or the end of
the slideshow.
+ and – To Zoom in-and-out of the image

The mouse wheel is also supported for Zooming in-and-out of the image.

Configuration Editor

r – Reset to Defaults
s – Save Configuration


-/+ – Decrease / Increase Volume
F11 – Mute Volume
F12 – Maximum Volume

Video Playback

-/+ – Decrease / Increase Volume
Space bar – Pause/Resume Video
1 – Half Size
2 – Original Size
3 – Full-Screen Size
f – Toggle between Full-Screen and Original Size

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