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Jack GIF

February 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello readers,

Before Christmas and the release of MUI Royale for Hollywood I began working on a little GIF Maker for AmigaOS.  As you can imagine since the release of MUI Royale this little application has taken somewhat of a backseat.

The application’s main purpose is to create those animated banners you see all over the internet with nice fades between still images.  The start window itself is based around Google’s own banner sizes, i.e you get to pick between Skyscrapper, Square etc…

Overtime I may add other transitions, making the most of those provided in Hollywood, but for a first release a simple fading transition will more than suffice.

I’ve already converted the interface itself to be using MUI Royale 100% – it was a nice little way to get to grips with learning the XML way of building Menus and Windows ready for integrating MUI into Jack.

Progress will most likely re-start in March when Jack MUI-Style will hopefully be complete.

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