Change Log


  • Added latest version of MUI Royale into the distribution – should have been
    in 4.5 but was missing.
  • Further sanity check of AISS version installed by user.
  • Expanded action description for when second instance of Jack occurs.
  • Removed Python installation instructions from Installer script.


  • AppStore Bundles tab – this has been re-factored. Replaced the previous layout with a listview – this will allow the interface to re-size better. I found this after changing to a monitor with a lower 4:3 resolution, the store window simply refused to open.

MUI Royale 1.1 update, change list:

  • Promote to Screen: All child windows will now correctly follow the main dashboard to the selected screen.
  • Execute Command menu item: Pressing Enter on Keyboard will Advance focus to next gadget in Window.
  • Column sorting implemented as per imposed HW algorithm which is very basic

MUI Royale 1.2 update, change list:

  • Introduction of Icon Tabs
  • Introduction of sortable columns on listviews, works on almost all listviews
  • Quiet refresh enabled during listview column sort, leads to smarter/quicker sort and refresh


  • Special OS4 Kernal update release. Fixes issues surrounding DownloadFile(). Thanks must go to Andreas Falkenhahn for supplying an intermediatory release.
  • Minor: Domain name changes.


  • Knowledge Base: Switched from Double-click events on both listviews to active selection.
  • Dashboard: Reorganised buttons into a listview as a better layout solution.
  • News: Added new column at beginning of listview to show icon against each entry on the list.
  •  News: A new window created that allows you to add, edit or remove RSS Feeds.
  • Corrections to GetDevices(), no problems with Path row data in the Search window. As a result the Context menus options working again.


  • Filemanager: APPDIR: appeared under ‘Drives’, identified found elsewhere in 4.0.9 and removed. I am certain APPDIR: never appeared in the output of C:Info in previous versions of the OS. This seems to stem from a system update as APPDIR: is now accessible from the shell as well.
  • Dashboard: Clicking the ‘Go’ button works again if the URL in the field is valid.
  • Dashboard: New Tab Added showing some Tech RSS NewsFeeds including AmigaWorld and officialHyperion Entertainment feeds.
  • Knowledge Base: Fixed ‘Go to website’ button.


  • Community Stats: Re-organised the GUI and added icons into table rows to make the layout look more attractive.
  • AppStore Store Tab: Saved User Comments/Reviews were being retrieved from the database improperly. Stored Comments/Reviews were being stored inproperly too.
  • Add Review: No longer possible to submit an empty review. User review must be more than a determined length in order to be accepted.
  • Search: Didn’t always search every device, miscount device error.


  • Search: Fixed Rename / Delete / Add Comment, no more [5345dfsd35] errors.
  • Search: Export button icon changed to something less incorrect!
  • Search: Matches in APPDIR: are now excluded.
  • AppStore: A new page has been added into the Information window that allows the user to read user reviews/comments. In addition a user who has signed up to
    the AppStore can also add their own review or comment to the AppStore.
  • AppStore: If the Information window is open, selecting an App on the Store, will update the text in the information window accordingly.
  • AppStore: Identified an mui.DoMethod error/loophole relating to the Bundle page that I was able to jump through as a result of the above change. Loophole closed.
  • DashBoard: Somehow APPDIR: found itself listed in the menu Jack->Volumes.
  • Dashboard: The Push4Dock default paths mentioned in the menu Jack->Volumes were not set correctly.


  • Fixed missing arrow left and right for traversing through the months of the year.
  • QT Bundle updated with a succession of new contributions, personally approved by myself with a few reservations on some of these. ClipGrab is a personal favourite right now.
  • Removed JackTunes due to limitations that still exist between Arexx, AmigaOS and Audio playback via AHI. JackTunes will reappear as a separate application with no Arexx port.
  • Reset button in Config Window: Small correction on how default path to Home Directory is determined.
  • Removed some guy called Fred from the Twitter search filter lol


  • Fixed missing brush error on Weather Refresh button, reported by samo79, thank you.


  • MACE added to Entwickler-X Games tab
  • It is now possible to type more symbols and importantly a ‘space’ in the Search field within the AppStore, please note the results will returning matches containing the entire string; no ‘OR’ logic is taking place.
  • Added new Bundle to AppStore – the QT Bundle – I am sure this will grow over time as the number of QT ports continues to grow.
  • Renamed Office Bundle to AmiCygnix Bundle.
  • Removed AmiCygnix Base from AmiCygnix Bundle, advised user to download separately.
  • Updated AmiCygnix Bundle and Entertainment Bundle with new downloads.
  • Fixed some display bugs in the hastily written VAT Calculator, still not perfect padding to two decimal places, but much better than before.
  • Application Switcher population is now exclusive to selecting the associated page tab as originally intended.
  • A few layout refinements of the dashboard.


  • The Add button inside the Application Switcher has been fixed and more sanity checking has been added.
  • A ‘Remove’ button has added inside the Application Switcher which allows the user to remove an application from the list. It is not possible to remove an application that resides on the system partition. You are not one of those users who store non-AmigaOS software of the system partition are you?
  • Application Switcher is now first populated when the corresponding tab is now selected for the first time rather than every time Jack is launched.
  • Thanks to Hollywood 5.3 there is no longer a cap on URL length which now means that all ‘Star Data’ is shown completely from top to bottom regardless of how many items are present in the listview. This is instantly noticeable on the ‘Store’ tab where in prior versions of Jack I had no choice but to introduce an artificial cap to avoid an unwanted DSI.
  • Screen promotion of Jack should now be restricted to 24 bit screens only, hard to test was unable to work out how to create a screen with less bits.
  • Added information about which Hollywood version Jack was compiled in.
  • Removed Check for Update button/menu items. Future updates will now be delivered by AmiUpdate.
  • As requested AmigaOS on Google+ has now been added into the Popular Bookmarks.
  • AppStore Downloads Tab: When selecting to ‘Show in Drawer’ a check is now made to find out whether the archive has since been deleted and if so give the user the opportunity to remove it from the list.


  • Default location for a first-time run of Jack is now top-right as per previous versions – not top left!
  • Configuration Window: Now possible to save position of the Calendar/Weather window, corrections to X and Y fields in moving the Window after entry.
  • Configuration Window: Cancel button will also move back the Window to its previously saved position.
  • Fixed a myriad of image/icon and text field issues in the AppStore.


  • Added check for TheBar.mcc and TheBar.mcp. Jack will not start without them and will inform the user where to download.
  • Updated AISS version check string to 4.12
  • Reflection cycle gadget saving state now fixed
  • iTunes Player is only available to me, the developer whilst I resolve existing bugs, which is why it is currently disabled in this version.
  • Volume names with an ampersand in them are currently excluded from the ‘Open Volumes’ menu option attached to the Dashboard window.


  • Change Password, closed potential security breach. Fields are now emptied on re-opening the window.
  • Change Password button, broken, now fixed.
  • Sign-up button, corrected keyboard shortcut.
  • Closed another potential security breach, instead of an Email Reminder the user opts to Reset their password. A new random password is sent instead.
  • Added more sanity-check within the JackTunes configuration window and with the actual loading/copying of the iTunes Library file from a remote or local source.
  • Removed the ‘Mount JackTunes’ script and icon from the distribution as they are no longer required.
  • Updated skins, made interface a little more transparent and a three new buttons.
  • The new buttons all the user to change the global volume level of AmigaOS. Mixer is required in order to allow this functionality otherwise the buttons do nothing.


  • Save button in the Configuration Window was broken, fixed.
  • AppIcon images relating to the ‘Application’ tab in the dashboard are now saved to disk resulting in quicker load times.
  • The ‘applaunchicon’ error reported by 328gts and a few other users should now be fixed, however unable to test so don’t quote me on it.
  • NEW: A small but useful VAT Calculator has been added into the dashboard.
  • Some left-over debug messages removed from the AppStore.


  • Push4Dock no longer required, instead Push4Dock file structure is enforced.
  • As part of the above change, Downloads are now installed into the ‘Application Files’ drawer.


  • Removed the button that returned the calendar to the current month as it was a little unnecessary and was broken anyway.
  • Added string focus (also known as activeobject) into several windows, this works well with the ‘advanceoncr’ property to increase userability and removes unnecessarily clicks and keboard tabulation on several interfaces.
  • Removed OpenURL from MorphOS distribution as apparently it is not required because it comes with MorphOS as standard. Reported by Tom01 via Jack website. Thank you.
  • Added TIFF Plug-in into the installation and distribution of Jack.
  • Now requires mcc_thebar available at:
    MCCBar has no support for WarpOS and Amiga Classic removed completely because Jack is geared towards computers with faster CPUs and to be honest it is going to be pig slow on anything than a PowerPC processor or AROS.
  • Now will handle ‘stuck’ downloads correctly on starting Jack by moving them from the list/disk if found without inteferring with other partial downloads that maybe on the list.
  • New Applications tabbed into the new dashboard. This will allow you to launch any application and other features including revealing them on the Workbench and adding comments. Comes complete with search engine and the ability to add new applications to the list. Applications are retrieved via the AmigaOS AppDir system. Thus AmigaOS4 is mandatory for this page tab to enabled. FYI Jack will attempt to make the Application’s filename more meaningful, converting ‘-‘ and
    ‘_’ where necessary. It will also uppercase known acronyms. The same routine is used throughout the AppStore as well.
  • AppStore: If an archive filename contained both ‘-‘ and ‘_’ only ‘-‘ was being replaced and displayed to the user. Fixed.
  • After capturing the screen the file manager window no longer opens, removed because after a while I found it quite annoying.
  • In the Calendar window the Previous and Next months correctly disable and re-enable when switching between Calendar and Weather displays now. The right-mouse clicks for colouring the interface also correct disable/enable between
  • Drag ‘n’ Drop has been removed in favour of using the ‘Action’ button in the file manager.
  • All MacOS/Win32/Linux support code I had been introducing over recent updates has been now been removed since Jack has been refactored to use MUI extensively.
  • Arexx support has been improved further with the introduction of App-Store specific Arexx Commands. Any Amiga Application can now Download, Query or even Install applications from the Jack AppStore and even check what versions of
    software the user has downloaded and if a newer version is available Download and Install that too. Of course Jack has no real way of checking whether certain downloads have indeed been installed correctly (or at all) so foreinstance with a Library you will still need to carry out your own sanity checks. This feature is only as good as the developers that choose to use it and the quality of installation scripts that have been written for existing or future software. Please use it!
  • Removed internal calculator in support of the native application.
  • During first time install, users who are found not to have Push4Dock installed will be asked to specify a Download Path for the AppStore. This is a mandatory requirement of running Jack. It is not possible to set a download path to a common system Drawer such as. C:, DEVS, L:, Libs: etc… nor is it possible to select the RAM: or RAM Disk. Circumvention is discouraged. I do want any users to save any downloads to any volatile destination.
  • Removed caching from the App-Store, I believe MySQL can quite easily handle the number of current data requests from my online database for the foreseeable.
  • Global AmigaOS environmental variables are now set matching some of those specified by the user in configuration window. Foreinstance $JDOWNLOAD contents the path to the users download drawer. This can be useful for developers when writing future scripts and compliments the new Arexx AppStore interface.
    The following variables are available: JCLOCK – whether the user prefers a 12 or 24 hour clock, JDOWNLOAD – the user’s AppStore Download Path, JICONHELPER = specified tool that opens Icon Files, JLOCATION = the user’s (weather)
    location, JPDFHELPER = specified tool that opens PDFs, JTEMP = whether the user prefers temperatures displayed in (C)elsius or (F)ahrenheit and JTXTHELPER = specified tool that opens Text-based files.
  • Jack is no longer a File Requester replacement, it can no longer be started from the Shell nor does it accept any arguments.
  • With the change to MUI window it is now only possible to Mute any playing music from non-MUI windows, i.e. the Calendar Window.
  • Slideshow Mode – It is now possible to turn the Reflections off to improve system performance. The option is available in the main Configuration window.
  • Configuration: The Download Path is now checked to find out whether it exists or not, if its doesn’t the configuration cannot be saved through the interface.
  • Configuration: Stupidity checks added to all fields on Saving. Foreinstance if a Helper application doesn’t exist fields and configuration return to defaults. Similar with the Downloads Path, if it doesn’t exist or is left empty this will
    default to RAM.
  • Configuration: Warning message added when Saving the configuration if apps have already been downloaded and the user attempts to change the Download path.
  • App-Store: Resuming of partial downloads on an unexpected quit of Jack has always been working unknown to the user – however now the user is now told that this is happening. A notification message will be sent to Ringhio on starting
    Jack when this happens.
  • Screen Capture: On saving capture, you are now told where the image has been saved.
  • App-Store Donations: Now only available to users who have signed-up/into the AppStore.
  • App-Store: Download options are available throughout the Store not just on the Download tab. Foreinstance it is possible to Rate a download from the Search results or the Recent List.
  • Featured Software: Downloads are now asynchronous.
  • App-Store Donations: Fixed the problem regarding the currency code. Donations are now set against the developer’s own currency code preference.
  • Sharing links in the App-Store, the URLS are now correctly converted into lower case INCLUDING the category, i.e. links are now correct when sharing to Facebook, Twitter (new) and Clipboard.
  • Entire Recent list is now shown in the App-Store, not just the top 12 uploads
  • For those users who love to tinker, the Bookmarks in the App-Store can be configured manually via gui.xml, however make sure the columns are balanced – in other words the number of bookmarks must be an Even number.
  • Searching the App-Store is no longer case sensitive (!)
  • It is now possible to turn ON and OFF the Reflections in the Slideshow mode
  • Enhancements to the Information Window in the File Manager
  • Date of the month is now sent to the Google – Add an Event function correctly
  • Introduced handling of ENVARC:, ENV:, RAM: and T: devices for non-AmigaOS like operating systens.
  • Fixed cross hair pointer not appearing in Color Wheel window.
  • GetPixel: The missing font error has been fixed. You can now press ‘G’ again from the Commodity Window to open obtain the Hex value of any colour on the
  • Animated GIFS: It is now possible to drag and drop animated GIFs on to Jack, all frames are played in a continuous loop.
  • Screen Promotion: You can now press P to promote Jack to another public screen. Please note unfortunately it is not yet possible to perform a screen grab of any public screen aside from the Workbench. *AmigaOS and compatibles


  • JackTunes: Change the Volume Level with the mouse.
  • JackTunes: Improvements to display of title/artist/album text in full display window.
  • JackTunes: Change the Seek Position within the track with the mouse.
  • General: CPU Architecture now shown in Info window.
  • General: Plug-ins installed now show in Info window.


  • AmigaOS 4.1 Update 5’s introduction of asynchronously loading the TCP/IP at Workbench startup exposed a new bug in Jack. The DELAY tooltype was previously being ignored, this has now been fixed. If you still see an error message if
    starting Jack this way simply increase the value of the DELAY tooltype. Value is no. of seconds.
  • Python ITC Extractor has been updated to version 0.3.2 which adds support for Apple’s use of ARGB images in album cover artwork. Thanks to Simon Kennedy.
  • Moved php scripts to another server, older versions of Jack will continue to run for a limited time only.


  • Local playback functionality (of an iTunes Library) in JackTunes is now working, however, there are a still a number of known bugs and features yet to be implemented. Please feel free to have a play around.
  • Improved AmigaOS Version detection (Community Stats/Get Info)
  • AmigaOne 500 is now identified under CPU detection (Community Stats/Get Info)
  • Improved identication of SAM 440 EP and Pegasos
  • Colour Commodity changes caused Jack problems with running from the command line, now fixed.
  • JackTunes: Notification messages are now sent to Ringhio as a new song starts – but only when music interface is closed.
  • JackTunes: Returning into the interface will always show the correct Artist and Title for the currently selected track.
  • JackTunes: Configuration window will now dismiss on selecting Later/Cancel.
  • JackTunes: Mini Window now includes Title and Artist text.
  • AppStore: Small advert area with links to my company Lake Marketing and Events ( )


  • Music player: A lot of work has been done on the music player, but there are still a number of jobs outstanding that I am fully aware of. However feel free to have a play. Ps. Local playback hasn’t been started yet.
  • Alarms: The Alarms were not being freed from memory on sample end this blocked other Hollywood applications running from reaching AHI, fixed in configuration window as well.
  • Colour Commodity Window: It is now possible to customise the Text Colours of most information shown in the main Commodity window. Simply right-click on any text to change the colour – a Color Wheel will open – pick a colour and the text is instantly changed. Changes are automatically saved.
  • M is a Global Key to Mute any Music that may be playing.
  • Changed keyboard shortcut from ‘m’ to ‘t’ in Image Save window.
  • Changed keyboard shortcut from ‘m’ to ‘t’ in File Search window.
  • Caps Lock position is no longer relevant for shortcut keys, some keys where case sensitive in various windows of the application.
  • Commodity Window: It is no longer possible to use LEFT/RIGHT arrows to switch through months when the weather is being viewed, the forecast stays in view.


  • Fixed mouse pointer not changing state.


  • Video End: After a video ends the mouse pointer was remaining hidden.
  • Gtmooya: Removed rogue debug output.
  • App-Store: Fixed download path for non-Push4Dock users – fixes double-RAM: assignment.


  • WarpOS compile now available on Aminet.
  • (MorphOS Only) Debug output removed.
  • Check for New Updates (of Jack) has been removed for all non-AmigaOS4 operating systems.
  • JackTunes restricted to AmigaOS 4 for the time being due to its reliance on Python and SMBFS.
  • AppStore: All downloads (apart from Featured Downloads) are now asynchronous. In plain english this means multple downloads are now possible, even if you close the Appstore window and move into any other part of Jack the download(s) will continue in the backgrond. (AmigaOS 4 Only) Outside of the Appstore you will be notified by the Ringhio notification system that a download has been completed and is available to install as normal through the Download Manager.
  • The state of the download list is updated as each download finishes, if you end up with a partial download (computer crash/lost connection) during downloading – on restarting Jack- you will be given the opportunity to either re-download the partial download(s) or remove them from the list. Notice I said ‘the list is updated as each download finishes’ – if you only downloaded 1 item you will not necessarily be given this same opportunity.
  • It is currently not possible to quit Jack if downloads are in progress or partial downloads exist in the Download Manager. Please visit the download manager and rectify. Might newbie-fy this behaviour in the future.
  • (AmigaOS 4 Only) Every 4 hours news from Amigaworld is shown as a ringhio notification assuming your rexx server is running; I know some weird Amiga users love to turn stuff off unnecessarily!
  • Apologies for delay, fixed the malformed url string for adding events to Google Calendar. Days and months are now zero-padded correctly.
  • (MorphOS Only) All PDF calls are pre-configured to Apdf on the system partition inside the Applications drawer.
  • The filesize is more correctly positioned underneath each download that is in progress.
  • Fixed possible inaccessiblity of the ‘Install Now’ option in the Download Manager.
  • Added Jack Icon to the Ringhio notification messages
  • Jack now has an Arexx port. A small number of initial arexx messages have been added. See Jack_Arexx_Commands.rexx included for the current list. This will be much improved in a future release foreinstance being able to process images and applying Image Effects and Watermarks.
  • Removed redundant locale strings
  • (Other OS) Corrections in AmigaOS Knowledge base with regard to local files and helper applications.
  • (AmigaOS 4 Only) During installation the user will now be asked whether they wish to add Jack to the Dock (rather than auto-detection/auto-placement) and they will be asked whether they want Jack to be added to WBStartup (recommended).
  • Sidenote to developers/how to do: WBStartupCTRL ADD <path>/<filename> >nil:


  • Jack no longer requires an Internet connection to startup. Instead dialog boxes will appear over relevant icons and buttons to inform user of functions that are inaccessible.
  • Whenever Jack needs to access a remote resource it will now always check an internet connection is available first before attempting anything else.
  • Connections: All data connections have been tidied up and consolidated where possible. HTTP error handling has now been implemented for handling 404 errors and lost in connection will be picked up. HTTP Resume has not been looked at this stage.
  • Renamed and expanded the Audio and Music bundle to include the Video player- Mui-Mplayer.
  • Entering a http:// address in the File Manager path will now check for OpenURL and use that instead of defaulting to Jack’s backup URL handler.
  • Slideshow: Fixed position of Reflections.
  • Slideshow: Fixed traversing Volumes/Drawers.
  • Slideshow: Fixed errors in loading images without an Alpha-channel.


  • During a resync of the App-Store the ‘cache’ drawer was inadvertedly being deleted rather than just it’s contents. Resolves crash when selecting ‘Recent Uploads’ after a resync during the same session.
  • Added new window, the Commodity Help window. Click the Yellow bulb icon to open it. Shows what each of the buttons does in the commodity window.


  • Began adding connection detection around downloading of data across the internet; due to this being a quick fix release this has yet to be implemented into the App-Store. More to do here.
  • Donation database broken due to error in decryption algorithm.
  • Fixed error in opening file manager from the shell using arguments.
  • File Manager: Fixed downloading of URLs that contained uppercase.
  • App-Store: Fixed error with Recent Uploads and Bundles both appearing in Red under AmigaOS4; seems to have cleared up double buffering error present in 3.1.
  • Commodity Window: Added temporary warning requester to JackTunes in case the user presses this icon by mistake.


  • Image Editor in Single-image mode: Saving of Watermark was broken under 3.0.1 – now fixed.
  • Expanded Community Statistics and GetSystemInfo() to include AROS and MorphOS systems.
  • AppStore: Increased archive name recognition database, e.g. Liboauth becomes LibOAuth, Libflac becomes LibFLAC, Muiowb becomes MUI-OWB, Netsurf becomes NetSurf, Wookiechat becomes WookieChat, Simplemail becomes SimpleMail, Mysql becomes MySQL, ‘up ep’ becomes UP-Rough EP, Sketchblock becomes SketchBlock,
  • Lodepaint becomes LodePaint, os4 becomes OS4 etc… to improve readability-  downside = a little slow on first daily retrieval.
  • Appstore: Archive name recognition database is now cached to improve speed of access for multple-reads within a 24-hour period. When a re-build takes place the data is re-cached immediately.
  • Appstore: Increased recent list pool data beyond 30 entries. User is still restricted to seeing the first 15 entries.
  • Began making the code platform-independent, please note however that when Jack is released for your OS some features will become inaccessible or may act differently.
  • All Wget, Curl, GetVideo, FileNote, Yae, AOrganiser dependancies removed
  • Confirmation that the OpenURL() command uses the OpenURL Team’s implementation as opposed to the default AmigaOS configuration and so all internal calls to SYS:C/OpenURL have been replaced with the direct OpenURL() command. Users might note a very slight speed-up. OpenURL dependancy included in the archive as before with optimised preferences for OWB and SimpleMail.
  • App-Store: Added Download Manager with a number of options including: Install Now/Extract, Send a Donation, Show in Draer, Tell a Friend, Share on Facebook and more.
  • Add Events: Events can now only be added to Google Calendar, AOrganiser support removed to increase consistency between platforms and to reduce housekeeping. Might not work with Google+/ or Google has changed the API. Further investigation required.
  • Warning if WordNet is not installed. (AmigaOS4)
  • System Information: Added ‘Send a Bug Report’ button.
  • Currency Converter: Labels now updated when switching currencies.
  • Knowledge-base: YouTube window removed, clicking icon will now simply open up the Gtmooya YouTube Channel in a browser instead.
  • Knowledge-base: Video links which did nothing before will now open up the link in your browser for viewing.
  • Knowledge-base: All mouse rollovers are working again, seems HW5 introduced a behaviourial problem in TextOut(), using Create/DisplayTextObject() instead. TextOut() wouldn’t understand the X-coord for some reason, strange because if I replaced the X-coord with #CENTER it worked just fine. Very strange because TextOut() works just fine everywhere else.
  • Knowledge-base: Using the Close Gadget in the Article Submission window no longer quits Jack.
  • Knowledge-Base: Software download links are now restricted to OS4Depot only.
  • Knowledge-base: Submissions are restricted to AmigaOS4 users only.
  • App-Store: Added link to AmigaOS Wiki
  • Added comments to Installation File
  • All fonts are now anti-aliased
  • Replaced old references to C:FileNote from the early days of Jack with  SetFileAttributes().
  • System Info: Operating System was missing from the dialog box.
  • Early factoring-in that adding Comments to files is restricted to Amiga-like OSes only.
  • Other OSes: Images cannot be saved in the WebP format. Image loading is supported if the WebP datatype is installed.
  • Calculator: Now uses internal Eval() command instead of relying on Yae.
  • Lha: Extract/Send to Archive restricted to AmigaOS4 in the file manager at present until further investigation of other OSes.
  • All OSes: General info, if Mplayer is resident in SYS:C/ file manager will return video information when clicking the File Info button. Jack will look in SYS:C/ across all systems attempting to find it. If this location is incorrect for AROS/MorphOS please tell me. If Mplayer is not found, File Info will just return bog-standard info.
  • On clean-exit of Jack some temporary files stored in T: are removed.
  • Removed Aminet reference from the Knowledge-base as HW5 DownloadFile() having trouble downloading from this server.


  • Commodity Window: ESCape will now Iconify this window.
  • Submit Article Window: (Required) message removed.
  • Submit Article Window: Description, altered right-margin so it doesn’t spill outside message box.
  • Commodity Window: Tweaked drop area so a harder to get stuck with the mouse pointer on the wrong state when moving the pointer out of the window.
  • App-Store Recent List: Parsing bug fixed.


  • Start up: Jack will now close gracefully and with a message via Ringhio if no internet connection can be found. Don’t forget if you have Jack installed in WBStartup you can use the DELAY Tooltype to determine how long Jack should wait before checking for a connection.
  • Installation script: was being overwritten during the installation of Jack. OpenURL with icon now copied into Prefs correctly.
  • Image Editor: Extensive selection of new image effects added. However, contrast, hue, colour balance modulation and more still to come.
  • Image Editor: All image manipulations are now stackable.
  • Image Editor: All image crops are now stackable in other words you can do multiple crops.
  • Image Editor: Quality of rotated images is much improved.
  • Image Editor: Crop has been adapted to a few changes in the interface the following limitations and behaviour apply.
    1) You will NOT be able to crop images smaller than the interface window.
    2) You will NOT be able to crop images larger than your screen (as before).
    3) If you resize the window larger than the actual dimensions of the source image and then try to crop- when you release the mouse button the window will first resize allowing you to re-crop correctly; as long as the image meets rule 1 above.
  • Image Editor: When opening the image editor the tint slider knob was drawing in the wrong position. Fixed.
  • Image Editor: When resizing the image window the image filename would disappear from the window title.
  • Image Editor: Reverting an image now takes into account whether you are viewing the image in Resize to Fit mode.
  • Image Editor: First/Last buttons on post processed window (available during a batch image processing) were working – but Next/Previous did not work at all. All four buttons now work correctly.
  • Image Editor: Repaired missing shortcut keys.
  • Image Editor: A color wheel is provided for selecting a tint color.
  • Image Editor: Fixed errors inside the Image Resize window which didn’t allow the toggle ‘Resize?’ inside the Image Save window to function and inadvertedly resized the actual working image instead of a temporary image.
  • Image Editor: It is now possible to up open vector graphics inside the Image Editor for converting into a bitmap format.
    This includes the W3 Scalable Vector Format (SVG), other formats are unknown at this time.
  • Drag n Drop: It is now possible to drop Videos on the drop area for playback. The following video formats are supported OGG/AVI/MPEG/MPG/MOV/FLV/MP4/WMV, XL and CDXL. Unfortunately stability and compatibility with the aforementioned formats isn’t that great through the codec plug-in provided with Hollywood. Rewind and Fast forward are currently disabled as well again due to stability issues. Hopefully the situation may improve in the not too distant future.
  • Drag n Drop: Dropping documents written in the Rich Text Format will now open in NotePad. As will XML files and LOG files and files with the name ‘Project Notes’ in them.
  • Drag n Drop:It is now possible to drop scalable graphics on to the drop area. This includes the W3 Scalable Vector Format (SVG), other formats are unknown at this time.
  • App-Store Caching: Recursive file deletion, updated against HW 5.0 API.
  • App-Store: Brief black flicker associated the the download progress bar window has been removed.
  • File manager: Filters/File extension matching updated against HW 5.0 API.
  • Calculator: Removed black flicker on opening window.
  • Knowledge-Base: Updated Samba for Idiots Guide website link.


  • 2.9.1 introduced a bug where the days of the month were clickable when viewing the Weather forecast. Fixed.
  • Community Statistics: Added support for the AmigaOS 4.1 Update 5 version string.
  • App-Store: Every time the user successfully logs into their account, technical data* is now updated in Community Statistics.
    Previously the technical data was only being stored on sign-up.
    *Screen Resolution, AmigaOS version, Memory and Computer model.


  • Send to archive: This will now pick up all associated .info files of the selected files that reside in the root directory.
  • Drag n Drop: Supports archive extraction once again. Drag an archive over drop area on calendar window and select the destination.
  • Screen cropping: You can now accurately crop an area of the screen before entering the image editor. Slight limitation when you need to crop stuff near the edges of the screen.
  • Drag n Drop: Fixed bug when drag and dropping a drawer/volume onto the drop area of the Calendar window.
  • Calendar: Window can now be iconified. Keyboard shortcut is H.
  • Calendar: Time display can now be changed between 12 and 24-hour.
  • Weather: The AppIcon will now be updated when it becomes night-time.
  • Calendar: New ‘Hidden Key’ added – press G. After a two second delay (time to prepare/activate a window) Jack takes a snapshot of the screen and overlays a zoom window in the bottom right of your screen. In the top-left it shows the Hexadecimal value of the pixel underneath the mouse-pointer.
    This can be helpful for web designers and graphics artists. Instead of saving a snapshot of the screen and importing it into an art package, perhaps one that exists on a different platform you simply press G and can quickly do the same thing.
  • OpenURL: This is now included inside the distribution as standard; the Prefs icon was set incorrectly to Project instead of Tool in the original archive on OS4Depot this has now been updated in this distribution accordingly as has the naff custom icon.
    I prefer OpenURL over the standard UrlOpen as OpenURL Prefs allows you to specify arexx commands as well. If you do not have OpenURL it will be installed along with preferences for both OWB and NetSurf. OWB is set as default, you can change priority by opening SYS:Prefs/OpenURL. Please note that the parameter NEWTAB isn’t understood in NetSurf v2.8, however it has been specified anyway in case one day its fixed.
  • Clock: It is now possible to play a sound on the stroke of each hour. There are four samples with which to choose from. Volume level is set to 100%, users might notice the volume is a little low; however this is dictated by the Hollywood language itself and not Jack.
  • Gtmooya: Updated against Daniel Hutchinson’s latest GTMOOYA pdf document.
  • Gtmooya: Expanded the knowledge-base beyond Daniel’s and my original work, there are now more than 200 articles available.
  • Gtmooya: Added additional code to handle the ability to link to a locally stored PDF document; in other words AmiPDF is called. One occurence at present under article ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’. Also added support for opening files with README, .TXT and .DOC in the filename – as used in Developer articles, e.g. SSL.
  • Auto-updates: Fixed breakage caused from moving from lha to zip.


  • Startup/Locale corrections
  • Added Dansk to the list of supported languages


  • New funky interface consolidating the features of the previous Commodity and Calendar windows into one interface. Also the interface is now opened up in a truly transparent window.
  • Locale: The program will no longer hang on start-up to users whose primarily locale is not set as English. However it comes at a small price, the user cannot enter Calendar mode in this version instead the Weather for your location is always shown.
  • Fonts: Most fonts are now Anti-aliased.
  • Calendar: Funky ‘Hidden’ keys added.
    Lets start with the most useful, time-saving shortcut!
    Pressing F, if Filer is installed, will open TWO instances of Filer side-by-side!
    Pressing D, if DOpus is installed, will open up Directory Opus for those who resist change.
    Pressing N, if Notepad is installed, will open up Notepad.
    Press TAB and type in a URL to open site/address in your browser.
    Press S to open up a Shell windowRegular keys:
    Press W to toggle between Weather and Calendar
    Press C to open configuration
    Press I for program and system information
    Press J for help / website
  • Corrections in Configuration Editor on Save, sometimes your location wasn’t saved, now fixed.
  • Calendar: Traversing through months is quicker.
  • Calendar: OUTSTANDING BUG: The Reset to current month button does not work as planned. If you notice the days are incorrect either restart Jack or move forward one month and back again using the arrows and then press Reset.
  • GetVideo, Rexx script now included in distribution, thanks to Thematic for spotting that it was missing.
  • WordNet: Fixed excessive HDD access.
  • Google Currency: Extended GUI Toolkit into this module.
  • Calculator: Extended GUI Toolkit into this module.
  • Calculator: Now handles decimal numbers by using a third-party Eval tool, installed along with Jack.
  • Calendar: You can now drag either a drawer containing images OR a file to be actioned to just one single drag and drop area. Top left icon.
  • Calendar: Drag n Drop area. Please note ALTHOUGH you can drag and drop webpages, if you have Odyssey set up as your default web browser through OpenURL or you select Odyssey from the URL-Window – the current 1.9 version does not correctly identify the path to the file.
  • Calendar: Drag n Drop area. Squashed a bug, you can now drop a volume (or any drawer) and it will enter slideshow mode even if there are no images in the target directory. You can then traverse the up and down the drawer structure as before.
  • Calendar: Drag n Drop area. Dropping .lha, .tar, .zip and other compressed archive formats will bring up the standard Info window instead of attempting to extract the archive somewhere. Extraction has been disabled for now as it needs more work and will be re-implemented at a later date.
  • Add Event: Removed the text ‘(required)’ which could partially be seen in the interface connected to the first textfield.
  • Add Event: Closing via the Cancel button and quickly moving the mouse could on occasion cause the program to hang. Fixed.
  • Slideshow mode: It is now no longer possible to drag the display away from the top of the screen.
  • Search Window: Those annoying ._ files created by Mac OS X that typically end up on USB devices are automatically filtered from the results. Also entries with .Trashes somewhere in their file path are also filtered.
  • Search Window: Clicking an Image from the search results will no longer result in windows being open that shouldn’t be.
  • Search Window: Clicking a single Image from the search results sends the user into the Image Editor as before, but no longer in ‘batch-mode’ which resulted in unexpected bugs. A crash which sometimes occurred after saving the image after this process has also been fixed.
  • Search Window: Selecting multiple images from the search results sends the user to the Image Editor as before, but no longer in ‘batch-mode’ despite the message to the contrary. The program will select the last image that has been double clicked. This behaviour maybe reviewed in the future.
  • Thanks to Tuxedo, Samo79, Toaks, Thematic, Tekmage and anyone I’ve missed for support with reporting bugs, errors and mistakes.
  • Updated program credits to include Nikola Tomic who kindly provided the Skins for the new interface. Special thanks to Kas1e for providing inspiration and setting the bar high for me.


  • AppStore: After downloading a file the DetectInstaller routine could fail if if could not find the Workbench Rexx port. This only affects those of you that strangely choose to turn off RexxMast.
  • The whole program would not previously launch correctly to any user that’s locale was not set to English. Jack now supports launching in the following languages: Deutch, English, Espanoal, Suomi, Francais, Italiano, Norsk, Portgués and Swedish.
  • AppStore: If Jack could not find the Kicklayout file for any reason Jack will now record the AmigaOS version as Unknown.


  • New Application Icon: Thanks must go to Frank Ruthe.
  • GUI: Numeric fields are no longer padded with leading zeroes when requested not to.
  • GUI: Buttons now have a gradient applied to them in the AmigaOS style.
  • GUI: Square brackets can no longer be entered into any text field gadgets.
  • About Box: Now shows System and Network Information
  • Image Editor: New Button – Open in LoView (if available) – only available when single image selected
  • Codebase: Partially updated codebase functions to object functions.
  • Slideshow Mode: You can now use the mouse scroll wheel to Zoom In and Out of an image.
  • Shell: New Argument -sysinfo
    If you are experiencing problems please run Jack from the Shell with this argument and send the results to me at the email address given.


  • Serious fix to broken HTML and URL encoding and decoding.
  • Slideshow Mode: It is now possible to Zoom In and Out of any image using plus (=) and minus (-) on the keyboard.
  • App-Store: No crash when closing Sign-up window via the Cancel button or keyboard shortcut.
  • WBStartup: New tooltype ‘DELAY’. On first-run Jack will pause for specified number of seconds before trying to make a connection to the internet. Users who don’t plan to add Jack to their WBStartup can safely set this to zero.
  • App-Store: Rate It buttons working again.
  • General: Handling tooltypes and command line arguments has been improved.


  • Commodity Window: Fixed display of the tooltip text when the Icon Toolbar isn’t in display.
  • Commodity Window: Can now be closed to leave the Calendar Window open.
  • Calendar Window: It is now possible to move through the months of the year.
  • Calendar Window: New icon to toggle the display of the Commodity Window.
  • Calendar Background Window: Selecting the top right icon will make the Calendar window transparent and borderless. Its not true transparency, but if
  • Jack is installed in your WBStartup you’d never know the difference.


  • Server: The log-in problem associated with the App-Store has been corrected. Existing users will have to sign-up again as old accounts have been removed as it is understood that the bug has been present for some time.
  • Native textfields added through Jack’s many interfaces.
  • App-Store: Remove Storage overview feature, it proved much too slow.
  • Global: Third-party application detection routine has been updated again, APPDIR: is checked first and if still not found – for a select number of applications another common/usual location is checked. Configuration window has been updated to reflect these changes.
  • Global: Excluding the http:// handler in the File Manager, all other Url requests now have OpenURL Support if available.
  • Calculator: Updated to open below the Commodity Window at the correct position. However, does not auto-snap when Calendar Window is opened/closed.
  • Currency Converter: The Currencies button will now open the associated text file.
  • Commodity Window: SideBar and BottomPanel can now be hidden. Changes are saved automatically.
  • AppStore: Now supports users running on a 1024×768 resolution as originally intended.
  • AppStore: No crash when exiting Sign-up window via the Cancel button.
  • Capture Screen: Now passes through the File Manager to reach the Image Editor. Removes all associated ‘CloseWindow’ crashes.
  • Consolidated Window, Drag and Drop, DropFile and Keyboard event-handling into a new p_InstallEventHandler() function.
  • Further modulisation of core components within the source code.


  • Image Save: The Resize? option wasn’t clickable with the mouse. Fixed.
  • Weather: If the Weather Provider supplies invalid Gifs, Jack will still open.
  • Commodity Window: Amiga+Q is now the keyboard shortcut to close the application.
  • Image Resize Window: Width/Height fields use the new Text Entry gadget.


  • Commodity WIndow: Drag and Drop areas working again.
  • Quick Fix release: Fixed auto-update


  • Image Editor: Saving and then exiting the Image Editor could cause Hollywood to crash.
  • AppStore: Wrong error message being displayed if screen resolution is too low. Nothing to do with Curl.
  • General: Check for updates button added into About box. Also when Jack starts and there is a network connection available, Jack will check to see if the current version is the latest available. If not, will offer the user the opportunity to download and install the latest version.
  • Helpers: Helpers are now surrounded by double quotes which will solve problem if a user selects a different helper and the path has spaces in it.
  • Command Line: Calling Jack with no arguments in the command line bug fixed.


  • Commodity Window: New keyboard shortcuts F1-F12 mapped against the first 12 icons within the sidebar.
  • Installation changes: Jack now uses APPDIR: for some of its more critical helper applications.
  • During theinstallation process if these particular applications do not exist on the APPDIR: ‘device’ they are ran silently so that they are available to Jack upon launching.
  • Installation changes: The file ‘Calculate Media’ was missing from the installation script. This is now correctly copied its required drawer.
  • AppStore: Readme Downloads with two extensions names are now correctly handled.
  • AppStore: OnMouseOvers hand<->normal pointers working in all windows.
  • Appstore: More keyboard shortcuts added into buttons and the like.
  • General: Restructed toolbar and keyboard handling to provide visual feedback of icons and buttons on a keystroke.
  • File Manager: New keyboard shortcut added, F5 to Refresh directory.
  • Image Editor: New keyboard shortcut added to the ‘Resize?’ checkmark inside the Save Window.
  • Image Editor: New keyboard shortcut added to select the ‘Custom Watermark’ option inside the Watermark Window.
  • Image Editor: New keyboard shortcut added to toggle the ‘Keep Aspect Ratio’ option inside the Resize Window.
  • Batch-image Processing: Use of keyboard arrows now keep within processing boundaries and will no longer crash Jack on the Post Processing Window.
  • Community Stats: Spelling correction on ‘Email Client’.
  • Commodity Window: A Currency Converter which uses the Google API has been added into the toolbar.
  • GTMOOYA/Assist: New Contributions Form added so you, the community can submit articles to the database.
  • Source Code: Created new function p_DeleteFile() to replace HW DeleteFile command that will also check file exists before attempting to delete and return error value where applicable.


  • Welcome Window: Removed and replaced with the Jack Commodity Window. In fact this is a big change than it seems as the Commodity Window has a huge amount of features consolidated from the File Manager.
  • Commodity Window: Drag and Drop files to open them in helper applications or give information.
  • Commodity Window: Drag and Drops volumes or drawers and browse through them full screen. Particularly useful for drawers containing images and photos.
  • File Manager: Removal of the Quick Access Bar, access is instead by the Jack Commodity Window.
  • Weather Forecast: The new Commodity Window features a 5-day weather forecast for locations across the world.


  • App-Store : Correct parsing of .avi, .tar and .tar.bz2 which were causing big headaches in the display and successful downloading of software in the category selections.
  • App-Store: You can sign-up to an account on the Jack’s App-Store and rate software.
  • App-Store: Signed-up users can take a look at survey results and community statistics.
  • App-Store – Now correctly handles downloading of non-Lha archives.
  • App-Store – There are small handful of ‘Rogue Files’ that have been uploaded to OS4Depot over the years. These are ones which have no file extension (!). These are now correctly greyed out and unavailable.
  • Configuration Editor: Non-configurable helpers are now saved in the configuration editor.
  • Source code – Function naming conventions – Optimisation between MakeButtons and Callbacks
  • Toolbar and Icon Image loading – Replaced load routine, any resources that fail to load (cannot be found) will now result in an error message allowing safe closure of Jack.


  • App-Store: Storage Overview – This option will show you storage totals of media contained on your computer.
  • App-Store: Support for Installation Utility (Python) and the old 53.1 Installer. Jack will attempt to locate an installer in the archive and launch it for the user.
    Developer Notes – In order for the installer to automatically launch you need to adapt your archive against these notes.
    Whether you still use the old 53.1 Installer or the current Python Installation Utility the archive MUST contain an outer drawer.
    If you don’t create an outer drawer then frankily you suck, enough said.Python Installation UtilityEach python installation setup should have a Project Icon set-up with the efault tool set to: SYS:Utilities/Installation Utility.Configure this icon as you normally would do.Jack will traverse through the archive looking for the file. Once found Jack will look for a line containing ‘AddPackage’, on finding this line it will expect the ‘name’ argument to fall on THE NEXT LINE BELOW.
    See the Timberwolf script for a perfect example of how the ‘AddPackage’ command should be laid out.In order to obtain the name of your project icon Jack will grab the contents of the ‘name’ argument to build the filename.Eg. Install YouApp.infoPlease do not use an underscore instead of a space. As AmigaOS doesn’t care about Case it doesn’t matter as long as they match.If your mirror the directory structure that the Frieden’s have used for Timberwolf you cannot go wrong, here it is: (with comments in brackets)Install Timberwolf/ (outer drawer)
    Install Timberwolf/Install (project icon that calls SYS:Utilities/Installation Utility)
    Install Timberwolf/ (your working python script)
    Install Timberwolf/Installation Utility (this was included in the distribution for some reason, you probably won’t need to)
    Install Timberwolf/installer-logo.png (your logo as referenced in the project icon’s tooltypes, 640×86 pixels)
    Install Timberwolf/Other stuff (everything else in the distribution)Old 53.1 InstallerJack will search inside the root drawer of the archive for any Project Icon that’s default tool contains the word ‘installer’.
    Additionally this Project Icon filename must contain the word ‘install’.
    Archives containing multiple instances will be ignored.
  • App-Store: Search results are correctly cleared between searches.
  • App-Store: Featured Products – A fully working new page has been added into the App-Store with download and web links.
  • Image Editor: Images that contain an Alpha Channel/Transparency are now correctly loaded.
  • External Helpers: All external helpers now run asychronously.
  • Gtmooya: Back/Forward will now load images on entry to an article.
  • Gtmooya: Error when launching multiple-download requests has been solved.
  • Gtmooya: Base dictionary file has been updated.
  • General: Jack now fully supports the loading, saving and viewing ofimages in the WebP format. Required software components are put in place as necessary when you install Jack.
  • General: Most pointer changes state when over buttons or other gadgets excluding the Image Editor where there is a bug present.
  • JackTunes: Program will no longer hang if no music is found in library.
  • Extract Archive: Crash removed, path transferred correctly between Jack instances.


  • Slideshow mode: Double-clicking an image works as expected, no error message or refreshing of directory occurs.
  • All remaining references to Downloads: have been removed, AppStore should be much approved as a result.
  • Startup: Jack will now start-up much faster in both file-requester mode and regular mode.
  • Non-Jack mode: All remaining errors relating to file/drawer selection have been eliminated.
  • AppStore: Will now open if files in the Recent index fall below 12.
  • Welcome Window added to Jack giving options how to start. This is bypassed in File-Requester mode.
  • Preferences: Applications are now launched asynchronously.
  • Cancel Buttons: Some cancel buttons showed formatting tags, now shows correctly.
  • Calculator Window will now auto-close at all times.
  • Configuration Window: Keyboard shortcuts added.
  • Screen Capture: Capture filename will no longer contain multiple .png filename extensions during a multi-capture session.
  • Slideshow Mode: Parent and Close slideshow buttons are now animated.
  • Image Editor: The default image type is now relative to the chosen image opened.
  • Image Editor: Closing the Image Editor window no longer re-loads the directory.
  • Image Editor: Warning before Closing the Image Editor if changes were made to the Image.
  • Image Cropping: Although cropping is still from the top-left corner outwards its usability is much improved.
  • Configuration Editor: The Save configuration now works properly as expected. You will no longer have to restart Jack in order realise AL changes that have been made.
  • Helper – UnArc: Jack will now let you extract from archives.
  • Helper – AmiPDF: If AmiPDF is chosen as the helper for PDFs they now open full screen as opposed to windowed.
  • Helper – AmiGS: Added helper for opening supported PS/EPS files through AmiGS. Currently non-configurable.
  • Send to Archive: Sometimes the destination path would end up ending with //.


  • AppStore v2.0 is introduced in this version.
  • Configuration Editor: There is now a complete configuration editor for helper applications supported by Jack.
  • Non-Push4Dock users can set the default download path in here. Push4Dock users cannot edit this field see below.
  • Configuration is saved in XML format and is compatible with the standard AmigaOS PrefsObjectEditor which incidentally is also available through Jack’s Quick Access bar.
  • The configuration file is created on first-run, consequently if the file is deleted for any reason it will be recreated with the default settings.
  • Downloads Assignment: You may have noticed that Jack used to assign Downloads to RAM: for non-Push4Dock users. This is no longer the case; you can set the actual download path yourself in the new Configuration Editor. Push4Dock users will notice that Jack still enforces the Downloads assign to the appropriate drawer in the Push4Dock installation, this is currently restricted to the DH1: volume as dedicated by Push4Dock.
  • This situation will be updated with the next release of Push4Dock or when it is bundled with AmigaOS whichever comes earlier; this is a hopecast not a certainty.
  • Image Resize Aspect Lock: When asking for custom width/height Jack no longer crashes when you cancel input.
  • Pointers: Jack now uses the Wait Pointer where it is appropriate to do so.
  • Open on Workbench: It is now possible to open a drawer on the Workbench from within Jack. Simply CTRL+Click a drawer.
  • Open on Workbench – View By Name: Like above except hold CTRL+SHIFT Click a drawer.
  • Wheel scrolling: In a lot of AmigaOS applications I have noticed that they don’t seem to take into account by how much the wheel is moved the quicker something is to scroll. If you wish to scroll faster in a directory with a lot of files, simply hold down the mid button and scroll the wheel once, when you let go of the wheel it will have jumped further down.
  • Non-Push4Dock users will now see ghosted icons and text of the Push4Dock drawers to encourage them to upgrade to Push4Dock which I highly recommend. Also the shortcut to the Downloads drawer in the left panel is now available for everyone thanks to the Configuration Editor.
  • Deleting files: It was possible that the lister wouldn’t refresh the drawer.
  • Helper File Operations: Correction to handling mixed case extensions.
  • It is now possible again to open local html documents using OpenURL.
  • Calculator: Removed quotes around calculation, caused unexpected results with multiplication symbol.
  • Visit AmigaOS: Correctly opens URL Window without refresh mess from hidden App Store window.
  • Lister: Drawers/files containing the characters [ or ] are replaced with a hyphen when displayed in the lister, you will still be able to perform
  • operations as normal on the file(s) in question. This is hopefully a short term workaround as I cannot seem to get the square brackets to appear
  • without Jack crashing.
  • PageUp/Down: Now operate as expected.
  • Datestamps: In rare cases it is not possible to get the date stamp of a file, a hyphen will now be shown when this happens and also Jack will no longer crash as a result of this.
  • Basic file operations: Yet more error handling for when Jack is unable to perform an action on a file.
  • Jack will now also delete any associated .info file along with the directory or file.


  • QUICK FIX: Repaired broken links when Jack is required to call itself eg. Search Results, LHA other drawer, Custom Watermarks etc.
  • Arexx: All messaging now passes through one routine, if Jack cannot open a Rexx port for any reason it will continue as normal.


  • Tooltypes: Tooltype support as requested has been added to Jack. NOTE: Command line arguments have changed in this version so they are more readable when used in Icon information. As a result, the For Your AmiDock scripts have also been changed. This will be final and last change to the current argument names.
  • AppStore: New Pages added and layout changes. Requires screen resolution of at least 1024×768 in order to open.
  • Some Watermarks were missing from the distribution.
  • Opening URLs: Makes use of Ringhio to display messages.
  • File Requester Mode: Corrected a argument documentation error in regard to file output.
  • Calculator: Error Output from C:Eval is now removed and a system requester is shown instead.
  • IconEdit: Helper application will now open.


  • Send to Archive: Makes use of Ringhio to display messages.
  • Sent to Archive: It is now possible again to send to a different destination drawer (and not the current one!).
  • Screen Capture: Now uses Ringhio to tell you that it is about to capture the screen.
  • AppStore: Now uses Ringhio to keep you informed about the download.
  • AppStore: Once a download is complete, Jack will (thanks to Arexx will attempt to open the outer drawer containing the application/download.
  • Removed tooltips from Quick Access bar, they are just getting in the way.
  • WordNet Support: If WordNet is installed correctly you can do a Thesaurus check on a word or phrase from the Quick Access bar / F6. Not available in File Requester mode.
  • Date/Time: Added to Quick Access bar / F5. Show current date and time.
  • Fkeys now act as a toggle, opening and closing the associated Quick Access tool where appropriate.
  • Calculator: Inspired by Spotlight in Mac OS X I have added a Calculator into the Quick Access bar. Not available in File Requester mode.
  • Image Cropping: Now works as expected, with a minor restriction on large images. You can only crop images that are being shown in 1×1 pixel mode. In other words you can only crop images that you can a) fit on your screen and b) without using the Resize to Actual button to Zoom in on smaller images than 800×600.
  • If you are doing a screen capture and do need to crop, I suggest you first resize the image to a more managable size; users with Widescreen monitors should resize using the aspect ratio lock instead.
  • Make New Drawer: The keyboard shortcut wasn’t available in the root of a volume.
  • Selecting Drawers: You can now go into drawers which have been scrolled down in the lister. Spotted by TiredOfLife.
  • Custom Filter Groups: It is now possible to use Custom Filter groups again from the command line.
  • Search Window: Now complete. Works correctly in Jack Mode and in the file requester mode with all filters being correctly handled. ESC key will now stop the search engine in its tracks.
  • Device Group: Hard Disks/other: if you have more than 17 devices in this group you should be able to select as you scroll down. Not willing to test! p


  • Presently Jack will only re-download the RECENT file from OS4Depot only once every 24 hours. I just started Jack this morning and it failed with APPDIR:c/wget does not exist and failed to open. Typo fixed.
  • Search Window: You will notice the keyboard is now fully supported for scrolling up and down the lister. It also now supports Filters in file requester mode, if asking for Images, only images will be listed in the Search Window. Custom filter group still to support.


  • Search Window: Preliminary search engine window implemented. Probably won’t find it of any use as yet as you cannot click through any of the
  • found files. Also cannot get ESC to respond to cancelling the search. Work in progress, stay chooned.
  • Image Editor: You can now add Watermarks to any image. Comes pre-loaded with 11 watermarks to choose from. Additionally you can select your own custom watermark to apply to an image. Feel free to place your own watermarks in the Resources drawer if you wish, although you can save them anywhere you want. It is also possible to Watermark many images in one go. Thanks to Daytona675x for creating the default watermarks.
  • Image Editor: In single-image mode, images can be successfully cropped. Limited to highlighting out from the top-left corner only.
  • Image Editor: You can now resize the images using an Aspect Ratio Lock.
  • Lister Window: Drag and Drop support added to change the directory being shown. Either drag a file or a directory into Jack to update the lister.
  • Image Processing Window: Sometimes the preview image was scaled incorrectly and overlaid the Finish button and paging arrows across the bottom.
  • Lister Window: If there was no scroll bar, the datestamp for any files shown was missing. FIXED.
  • Info Window: The height of a scaled image is now at a fixed value rather than maintaining aspect ratio which was causing images to drop out of the visible window.
  • Startup: Volume names are now obtained directly from the Unit ID using GetVolumeInfo(). Thanks to Tompelli for his patience and his extensive testing.
  • APPDIR vs SYS: Third-party applications are looked for in APPDIR first then SYS:C and/or SYS:Utilties before launching. Thanks to Tompelli for his patience and his extensive testing.
  • Spurcious empty lines or characters at the end of OS4Depot’s readme list are now correctly ignored and Jackcan open. Thanks to Tompelli for his patience and his extensive testing.
  • Lister Window: Keyboard shortcut for slideshow mode is now accessed by pressing V to make way for another important feature.


  • Send to Archive should now be available to everyone that has LHA installed.
  • Downloads via HTTPS: Thanks to Kas1e’s recent submission of Wget onto
  • OS4Depot it now possible to download from a secure server. (NOT TESTED AS YET).
  • View as Slideshow: It is now possible to view the whole volume in slideshow mode, meaning you can navigate in and out of drawers.
  • App-Store and System Preferences are no longer accessible in file requester mode.
  • Info Window: If you select a single drawer, information is now shown about its contents.
  • Info Window: Filesize is now shown in Bytes, or rounded into KB, MB, GB or TB.
  • Lots of fixes in the detection of third-party software tools and other programs.
  • Image Editor: The window can now be resized at will.
  • Tooltips have been added to the Main Window and the Image Editor.
  • When a Device Group is selected Jack will now refresh the device list. In other words if you insert a USB or CD you can select the Device Group again and it will appear.
  • Device Group – Optical: Units that begin with CD and now ICD are put into this Device Group.
  • Device Group – Samba: Units that begin with SMBFS are placed in this Device Group.
  • Device Group – USB: Units that begin with USB are placed in this Device Group.
  • Device Group – Hard Disks: All other Units appear in this Device Group.
  • You can of course click the directory path and enter the device, volume name or an assignment by hand for access.

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